Beeline accelerates innovation with plans to acquire Utmost!

This acquisition will provide clients with access to the first total talent intelligence solution, as part of Beeline Extended Workforce Platform.

Utmost transforms the VMS from source to pay in one global network
Transform how you get work done with Utmost
Extended Workforce Management
Contingent Workforce Management
Utmost allows companies to quickly source high-quality contingent workers. We track and manage every stage of external workforce management: requesting talent, candidate selection, on/offboarding, worker tracking, and payment.
Services Work Management
SOW consultants, offshore and outsourced workers can be tracked and billed in Utmost. Our platform fully supports labor-based indirect spend using any payment method (milestone-based payments, deliverables-based payments, unit-based payments, and time-and-expense-based deliverables).
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Global Workforce Intelligence
Companies need the right mix of talent but they often don’t have visibility into how many non-employee workers they have. Utmost enables real-time visibility into your extended workforce, including spend, number, location, access, cost by skillset, deployment models, and more.
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The world’s most cutting-edge companies are using Utmost to transform their Contingent Worker Programs
Jessica Wall
Associate Director, Talent Acquisition, Sage Therapeutics
"It really was two things for us: innovation and a system and a team that’s going to market just thinking about it in a completely different way. Really thinking purposefully and thoughtfully about where the gaps are in the existing technologies that are out there. Utmost did that for us. We believe it was fit for purpose."
Will Dempsey
Director, Talent Acquisition – External Resource Management, Systems, Processes & Experiences, AstraZeneca
"Our externally managed resources continue to play a crucial role in meeting the organisation’s strategic objectives and ultimately, fulfilling our purpose – to push the boundaries of science to bring life changing medicines to patients. Utmost now gives us a scalable solution to manage this extended workforce whilst also increasing the visibility of our total workforce in over 100 countries and supporting the business in securing the talent we need to get work done"
Jason Grosz
Vice President and Head of Global Talent Acquisition, Ecolab
“What Utmost affords us is the ability to build something that fits the need versus figure out how to force our need to fit a bigger, more established VMS”
Daina Parker
Vice President of Shared Services at ChristianaCare
"The challenges that we had are 'how do we keep track of multiple roles', and Utmost had a system, that we implemented, that had a single worker component that allowed for dual roles and allowed us to keep track. Now that we have a system implemented, we're able to gain data around our population. Knowing that 20% of our nurses are traveling nurses, that's a big thing for us. I don't think we had line of sight of that before. Now we're able to really understand how we're using labor, what labor is inside the four walls.”
Bhadresh Patel
Chief Digital Officer, RGP
“Utmost will enable RGP to better manage our global workforce across all worker classifications. The PayBill solution will allow us to streamline and optimize back-end processes so we can more effectively track billable and non-billable hours as well as manage both consultant pay and client billings.”
Why Utmost?
Assess. Source. Engage. Pay. All From One System.
Flexible Workflows
Workflows to cover complex and changing needs of high-growth and dynamic companies
Worker Centric
All workers have a one single profile in Utmost. As workers move from role to role across time, that profile remains unique. Utmost collates rich worker histories providing powerful insights into both the worker and work being done
Utmost Network
A network of enterprises, workers, and suppliers to ensure speed of sourcing and deployment
Single Module
One module for all categories of labor such as: staff aug, service providers, freelancers, SOW, consultants, etc.
Utmost Front Door
A single place for all global work requests to advise managers on the most strategic way to get work done
Technology That Supports The Entire Talent Network
Self-service capabilities allow real-time configurability and flexibility in how you work
Organize and manage your talent with one user-friendly instance
Be in control of your data and keep a single worker profile across engagements

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