Utmost Front Door: Transforming Multi-Channel Talent Sourcing

Utmost makes it easy to source talent the right way the first time.
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Utmost Front Door transforms multi-channel talent sourcing
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Utmost makes it easy to source talent the right way the first time.
More than a decision-tree, Front Door is the first and only solution built to guide hiring managers through a series of steps to identify the optimum classification and sourcing channel.
With Front Door, we’ve reimagined how worker requests get done to enable organizations to find talent quicker, easier, and more efficiently than ever before.

“Nearly 47% of the total workforce is now considered ‘extended,’ as more and more talent is comprised of contractors, staffing agencies, professional services firms, and more. Hiring managers need an innovative and seamless way to navigate through these workforce options. Utmost’s Front Door offering enables managers with those options, as well as fostering collaboration between HR and procurement teams that want to fully control the entire process for any type of talent request.”

Christopher J. Dwyer
Vice President of Research at Ardent Partners
SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - July 21, 2021
Utmost, the first extended workforce system, today announced the launch of Utmost Front Door, the single place for hiring managers to request any worker category regardless of how a person is engaged. Front Door is the first and only solution to guide hiring managers to the proper classification and sourcing channel in today’s distributed workforce. This means reduced costs and worker misclassification, and a simplified hiring manager experience.
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Streamline Worker Requests Across the Enterprise

Utmost Front Door enables you to

Reduce worker misclassification by creating a single place to request all type of talent
Simplify the hiring manager experience and dramatically reduce administrative overhead
Customize Front Door based on your business needs with a highly configurable workflow engine and process designer
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Reduce workforce costs by classifying workers correctly and improving the hiring manager experience and limiting back-office invoicing issues
Front Door is the centerpiece to VMS replacement, enabling total workforce visibility, “in-the-moment” labor decisions, and access to all talent channels.
The single place for hiring to request any worker category regardless of how a person is engaged.
Freelancers, staff aug workers, SOW consultants, talent marketplaces, gig workers are all channels organizations should take advantage of to enable the future of work.
Self-Assessment: Is Front Door right for your organization?
Today’s workforce is demanding flexibility, engagement, and a user friendly way to connect with prospective employers. If you’re not providing this, you may lose out on top talent to your competition. To know where your company sits today, start with the following questions:
Does my organization have one central place for all worker requests regardless of how we plan to engage them?
Having multiple systems for requesting contractors, full-time workers, and project-based workers is cumbersome and opens you up to risk, not to mention frustration from managers and talent.
Are we being strategic with our talent sources in today's distributed Market ?
In today’s competitive market, finding talent through multiple channels is critical. If you don’t have a single system that can manage contractors, freelancers, gig workers, independent contractors, outsourced workers, and more, you could be missing out on top talent.
Are we open to risk from misclassification of workers?
Misclassified workers can raise overall workforce costs by 5-10%, and put you at risk for additional regulatory compliance concerns.
Is our hiring process user friendly to both hiring managers and talent we’re looking to attract?
Having one system for all talent requests saves managers time and provides a seamless user experience for all talent regardless of how they are engaged

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