A deeply configurable extended workforce system that integrates with existing enterprise technology

From workflow creation to flexible configurations, Utmost delivers the most innovative technology to engage and manage external workers.

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Design complex business processes with Utmost Flow

With Utmost Flow, you can now handle all categories of work and workers in one central location. There is no need for separate modules due to the highly robust nature of our business process designer. If you can build a business process in Visio or LucidCharts, you can replicate it in Utmost Flow. Some benefits include:

Increased adoption: Flexibility to meet the needs of different categories of labor, country, and business-specific requirements. 

Adapted to change: Respond to events like hiring freezes, budget cuts, and legislative changes in real-time by editing a workflow and saving the configuration.

Improved compliance: Ensure that managers only need to go to one place for all types of work and workers.

Design complex business processes with Utmost Flow

Connect Utmost with your existing applications for learning, identity management, provisioning, and more

Our fully open API architecture allows you to integrate to and from any enterprise systems for both reference data and as part of the transactional flow. Some benefits include:

Data quality: Bidirectional sync, ensuring data from the system of truth to appropriate downstream systems.

Efficiency: Eliminate manual steps throughout the lifecycle of work.

Ease of implementation: Through our UI-driven configuration to our full documentation, we make it simple to configure integrations.

Determine access to data dynamically based on worker and user attributes such as job profile, classification, organization, and location

Utmost evaluates organizational relationships between users and workers (i.e., manager or HR business partner) and access can be managed down to individual field level on entity. We also control supplier and worker access to data and instantly include all custom fields in the ABAC scheme. This allows:

Data privacy compliance: A primary driver behind our highly robust and comprehensive mechanism for controlling data access.

Multi-MSP: Handled with ease through our ABAC permissions structure. No need to create separate tenants for different MSPs.

Reputational protection: Enterprise-ready access controls prevent data breaches and other security concerns.

Utmost evaluates organizational relationships between users and workers

See How Utmost Supports the External Worker Lifecycle

Get a complete picture of your entire extended workforce that enables strategic workforce management

Simplify the hiring manager experience with a consistent external worker request process.

Find talent and pay for it, regardless of channel, contracting method or billing mechanism

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