Organize and control the entire extended  worker lifecycle

Use automated workflows to streamline the process and maintain compliance with corporate policies and rules

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Streamline onboarding with triggered workflows

Configure onboarding workflows by role, business, unit, geography, and more. Trigger the workflows once the worker has started allowing you to organize and control the onboarding process instead of using ad-hoc spreadsheets.

Background Checks: Assign teams to complete background checks, supplier-provided or enterprise-provided, once a candidate has been selected.

Identify Verification: Create workflows to verify workers and collect any other legal information to start.

Training: Notify IT teams to enroll workers into a learning management system and complete the necessary modules before their start date.

Control risks and protect intellectual property with automated offboarding workflows

Automate offboarding procedures so that external workers do not have continued access to any confidential information or ability to access physical facilities.

Systems Access Removal: Assign IT security teams to remove systems access to a worker whose engagement has completed.

Physical Access Removal: Initiate workflows to remove badge access to facilities.

Equipment Retrieval: Enable IT teams to reach out to workers and retrieve shipped laptops, confirm their receipt and hold workers and suppliers accountable.

Manage the full engagement lifecycle with intuitive workflows

From contract extensions to new engagements to conversion to full-time, Utmost gives you flexibility in managing engagements with the extended workforce.

Extensions: Notify managers, the MSP, and the Contingent Workforce Program team of upcoming contract end-dates and provide options for extensions.

Convert to Full Time: Push any Contingent Worker record into Workday on demand. End the contract and convert this record into an employee ensuring all process history is captured.

Change Engagements: Modify an assignment, terminate early, or make other engagement changes with easy-to-use workflows and proactive reminders.

Maintain program quality and visibility with scorecards and ratings

Enable transparency to relationships, delivery, and experience within your program. Maintain good relationships with those who meet your standards and provide clear depictions of those who don’t. Keep suppliers aware of their performance so that managers only get the best talent for their projects.

Real-time Supplier Scorecards: Provide real-time feedback on the quality of supplier talent instead of waiting for a quarterly business review.

Worker Ratings: Recommend workers after a project completes or provide low ratings to remove a worker from future consideration within the enterprise.

Engagement Manager Surveys: Measure engagement manager satisfaction on the quality of talent, program operations, and supplier delivery.

See How Utmost Supports The External Worker Lifecycle

Get real-time dashboards and reports on your non-employee headcount, worker classification, and skills all synced with Workday.

Simplify the hiring manager experience with a consistent external worker request process that’s integrated with Workday.

Configure onboarding processes and workflows for external workers so that you can get workers started quicker yet still manage IP and IT security.

Automate timesheets, bills, payments, and invoices from Utmost. View your total non-employee spend by supplier or department.

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