Find talent and pay for it, regardless of channel, contracting method, or billing mechanism

Increase adoption, reduce compliance risk, and save money by making it easier for the business to make the right source-to-payment decisions with an end-to-end workflow for all talent channels.

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Utmost makes it easier for businesses to make the right source-to-payment decisions

Find external talent via all available channels in one module

Utmost allows companies to source high-quality contingent workers quickly while also improving collaboration with suppliers. In one module, we enable postings, bids, and negotiations for all types of work - from traditional staff augmentation to direct sourcing to talent pools to statements of work.

Increase adoption: A similar user experience for all external labor channels.

Reduce risk of misclassification: The ability to move between channels during the sourcing process and the connection to Front Door.

Increase the speed to business value: With the efficiencies of posting, approvals, bids, applications, interviews, and negotiations.

Source high-quality contingent workers with Utmost
Utmost captures the relevant details of all contracts in one place

Capture the relevant details of all types of contracts in one place

Whether it’s a freelancer or independent contractor agreement, a short statement of work, or a large contract for services, our contracts can come from the output of a sourcing process, the import from another system (like a CLM), or directly from user entry. These contracts can have their own hierarchy, like SOWs sitting under MSAs, and sit on top of engagements in a single module.

Visibility of spend: Visibility by contract, including details of what work is being done, which classification, supplier, organization, etc.

Contract Compliance: Ensuring the terms and conditions set out in a contract are followed (such as rate cards), providing both a risk reduction and cost management benefit.

PO Alignment: Native integration with P2P and/or ERP systems at the contract level for services work.

Capture how work is performed - time, expenses, milestones, deliverables, bonuses, and more

Through our time and expense module and milestones and deliverables on contracts, Utmost enables workers and suppliers to indicate what work has been done, for how much, and against which cost centers. The rates are automatically applied based upon the contract or engagement, and the appropriate controls are put in place with approval tasks.

Real-time visibility expenditures: All parties have immediate access to where transactions are in the approval process.

Automatic application of rate rules and billing codes: No more incorrect calculations or manual application of code objects to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Shared data set for downstream processes: Ensure all spend data sets are aligned for downstream processes, such as invoicing, payroll, accruals, etc.

Capture how work is performed with Utmost
Invoicing with Utmost has become more flexible and easy

We facilitate accurate and efficient invoicing in a modern and flexible manner

Utmost has shattered the traditional notions of how invoicing works with VMS systems, enabling suppliers to submit their invoices via the system, reconciling that information to approved expenditures. This allows enterprises to include all geographies and work categories in one place. We also facilitate enterprise or MSP-generated invoices when the business model requires - all in one system. This flexibility enables organizations to meet their objective of getting all worker details, including spend, in one system.

Improved Efficiency: Eliminate the need for manual processes like reconciliation of pro forma data to supplier invoices.

Increased buy-in and adoption: Allow suppliers, primarily consulting and outsourced service providers, to generate their own invoices using their own format, billing systems, and internal processes.

Reduced complexity: Quit having to code the tax rules, invoice formatting logic, and other considerations into the ‘VMS-generated invoice,’ while also reducing the complexity of the supplier onboarding process.

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Get a complete picture of your entire extended workforce that enables strategic workforce management

Simplify the hiring manager experience with a consistent external worker request process.

Find talent and pay for it, regardless of channel, contracting method or billing mechanism

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