The core essentials for Workday customers to maintain compliance and manage suppliers in their extended workforce.

Dashboards, supplier onboarding, and organizational modeling give enterprises full visibility into their non-employee workforce.

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See your entire organization - employees and extended workforce in one chart

Enable total talent visibility with your external worker population layered on top of the employee org chart. See individual non-employees and track the vendor account manager at a staffing supplier, consulting firm, or outsourcing vendor that is responsible for a group of workers.

Workday Supervisory Org Structure: View the combined Workday and Utmost organization structure to see how third-party vendors, contractors, and other workers fit into the overall org chart. Switch easily between the employee-only view, extended worker-only view, or combined view.

Reorganizations: Org changes are simple. Move workers into different supervisory orgs and trigger workflows such as onboarding or training as part of the reassignment. Efficiently move entire organizations along with sub-organizations and workers via an intuitive UI and approval workflows.

Enable your suppliers so they can get you the right workers at the right time

Let suppliers get the talent you need quicker by reducing administration actions like needing to create new accounts for every single client. With a global and holistic view of their talent, they can quickly move talent to your project after completing an engagement with another client.

One Global Account for Suppliers: Speed up onboarding with one global account for suppliers. If they entered payment info or talent details for one of their clients, they won’t have to re-input when they work with you.

Supplier Visibility: View all non-employees associated with a specific supplier easily. Understand the various roles, tenure, and access that these workers have for quick auditing and action.

Real-time Scorecards: Give real-time feedback on talent quality and performance so suppliers don’t have to wait until the quarterly business review.

Offboarding: Consolidate your suppliers by offboarding those that don’t meet your performance standards.

Enhance your talent brand with worker-owned profiles

Speed up the time-to-fill by enabling workers to be part of the process. Enable them to participate by inputting accurate data about themselves and give them the best opportunity to represent themselves in the candidate selection process.

Worker Profiles: Let workers input their own skills and experience with their own profile. Reduce unqualified talent in your requisitions by letting workers qualify themselves.

Redeployment: Enable workers to easily shift from client-to-client with one global profile of their skills and experience.

Data Ownership: Give workers ownership of their data and mantain compliance with GDPR

Manage compliance with corporate policies and rules with an anomaly engine

Control risks and protect your assets with an anomaly engine that surfaces different anomalies in an easy-to-use dashboard. Proactively monitor anomalies and configurable thresholds before they escalate. Replace manual audits with automation 

Configurability: Define anomalies based on information within the system or create custom fields unique to your business. Whether it be certifications, geographic-specific policies, or worker-specific, anomalies are entirely configurable.

Risk Identification: Surface anomalies such as expired badge access, tenure limits, or contract end-date reminders directly to a dashboard.

Severity Levels: Use the dashboard to identify the most severe anomalies that require immediate attention.

Response Triggers: Trigger workflows for each anomaly type. For example, expired system access can notify the IT team to renew a worker’s account.

Take action with real-time analytics

Get a real-time view into the performance of your extended workforce across metrics such as supplier performance, talent quality, manager satisfaction, and total spend.

Real-time: Don’t wait for the quarterly business review to track supplier performance, talent quality, and time-to-fill rates.

Drilldown: Drill-down into specific geographies, business units, or any specific focus. Dynamic dashboards give you more flexibility than static charts on slides.

Configurable Without Code: Within seconds, create a new dashboard to track a specific metric. No need for additional development costs or exporting to a spreadsheet for basic KPIs.

Create custom objects and custom fields tailored just for your organization

Configure Utmost based on your specific enterprise needs. You can continue to use custom fields and objects across any of Utmost features including workflows, dashboards, and anomalies. Our configurability is designed to meet your dynamic and evolving needs as simply as possible.

Code-Free: Capture data on workers, suppliers, engagements, and more without the need for additional customization costs.

First-Class Objects: Use custom objects in workflows or in creating attribute-based permissions.

Dashboards: Surface custom objects or custom fields in dashboards giving you the full flexibility to measure whatever your business needs.

Anomalies: Trigger anomalies based on custom field changes or specific custom objects.

See How Utmost Supports The External Worker Lifecycle

Get real-time dashboards and reports on your non-employee headcount, worker classification, and skills all synced with Workday.

Simplify the hiring manager experience with a consistent external worker request process that’s integrated with Workday.

Configure onboarding processes and workflows for external workers so that you can get workers started quicker yet still manage IP and IT security.

Automate timesheets, bills, payments, and invoices from Utmost. View your total non-employee spend by supplier or department.

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