A complete picture of your entire extended workforce that enables strategic workforce management

Utmost enables real-time visibility into your total extended workforce, including who they work for, what they are doing, how much they cost, and whether they are compliant.

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Utmost provides a complete picture of your entire extended workforce

More than just an onboarding checklist

The journey of a worker getting work done at any enterprise starts with an onboarding process. Because of our configurable, dynamic workflow capabilities and our multi-dimensional architecture, we enable complex onboarding flows, including variability by geography, worker category, and organization. We also allow participation by workers, suppliers, enterprise users, and integrations with internal or external systems.

Ensure compliance: Ensure all rules, policies, and laws are accounted for in the onboarding flow.

Increase Adoption: Ease of use and task notifications both in-app and via external notifications like e-mail.

Reduce Time: With the inclusion of all parties, including workers, we eliminate back and forth, manual steps, and increase efficiency. This lessens the overall onboarding time and increases the speed of getting work done.

Onboarding checklist to ensure compliance, increase adoption and reduce time
Utmost can provide visibility, mediate suppliers and acts as a system of truth

Capture every detail about what the worker is doing, for whom, for how much, and where

Utmost can be considered a system of engagement, where all of the relevant details about what a person is doing are captured from multiple inputs - including from the supplier - so that an organization can have a complete picture of their entire workforce. A worker can have multiple concurrent engagements, as is common in real life, a fundamental difference between Utmost and an HCM system.

Visibility: Allows organizations to have more intelligent and robust conversations about strategic workforce planning and how work gets done.

Supplier Mediation: Allows for the people knowledgeable about who is doing what to be accountable for inputting this data. For example, with outsourced agreements, statements of work, and master vendor-type scenarios.

System of Truth: Having a complete, real-time understanding of worker engagements enables Utmost to be the information source for downstream systems like HCM, P2P, IDM, LMS, etc.

Amending the details of a worker’s engagement is an ongoing task

Throughout a workers’ engagement, there may be multiple reasons to make changes, including rate increases/decreases, extensions, manager changes, etc. Each change can have a configurable process, set of tasks, and/or approvals, and is tracked click-for-click.

Worker Profiles: Show who took what actions, when to increase compliance, and reduce risk.

Approval Tasks: Configurable based upon business logic to ensure that the appropriate parties are aware of and approve of changes (i.e., to rates, dates, and cost centers).

Change Set Detection: Even when there is no approval, the knowledge of a change can push information to downstream systems to ensure synchronization of data.

Utmost provides worker profiles, approval tasks and allows you to change set detection
With Utmost, you can offboard workers seamlessly while reducing risk, increasing talent quality and maintaining conversion efficiency

Making sure workers are offboarded as seamlessly as they are onboarded

At the end of an engagement, it’s important to ensure that assets and IP are collected, workers are evaluated, actual end dates captured, and final timecards submitted. This is enabled through an offboarding process flow. A partial inverse of the onboarding process, the offboarding flow, also captures ratings and appropriate feedback or can facilitate the conversion to employee.

Risk reduction: By ensuring system access is revoked, assets collected, and exposure minimized.

Talent quality increase: For future candidates, by leveraging ratings in future talent acquisition and supplier performance ratings.

Conversion efficiency: By flowing data into necessary employee systems.

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