Our network of workers and suppliers gives you more access to talent and intelligence

Make it easier for your business to find workers, suppliers, and to benchmark yourself against the market, improving speed, cost, and quality of hiring decisions

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Utmost's growing network of workers and suppliers provides you with more access to talent

Suppliers have a dedicated app, independent of the enterprise platform, empowering them to maximize their business value

Suppliers have a single profile for all Utmost customers, which allows them to more efficiently manage their business, including connecting to backend systems, managing workers, and responding to requisitions. They are empowered to perform functions like adding workers or creating engagements, such as SOW and outsourced service scenarios in addition to the standard VMS supplier behavior (i.e., responding to postings, accepting engagements, and submitting time on behalf of workers). Some benefits include:

Efficiency: Serving all Utmost customers from one place.

Authority: Manage who from their organization has what access.

Ownership: Agency over their workers and their financial processes, especially around invoicing.

Utmost's Supplier app empowers supplies to maximize their business value
Utmost's worker app gives workers more agency and control

Giving agency and control to workers to enable and empower them throughout their work

With the worker app completely segregated from the supplier app, workers can participate in the sourcing process (similar to a traditional ATS or FMS), the onboarding process, and ongoing management of their own data. More than just a role type under the supplier (mainly tasked with submitting time), workers manage their own profile and control their own destiny. Some benefits include:

Accurate and comprehensive information: Worker information is captured more in a compliant way, respecting all data privacy rules.

Efficiency: Workers participate directly, creating efficiency in the sourcing process when looking for talent within the network and/or during the onboarding process.

Candidate journey: Continuous engagement of workers helps with culture and brand loyalty.

Increase the speed and ability to find quality talent from the start

Through the Utmost Network, organizations now have the ability to search talent pools of qualified, pre-vetted candidates. This increased access to qualified talent and sources of talent (both known and unknown) allows the business to get the talent it needs quickly to get work done. Some benefits include:

Speed to find talent.

Quality of the work and workers.

Intelligence in decision-making before a requisition is ever created.

Utmost Network allows you to find quality talent with speed

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