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Ninety percent of healthcare providers rely on contingent workers. With that demand, flexibility in managing those workers and the need to minimize risk, the healthcare industry requires a dedicated system to manage the entire extended workforce globally.
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Light Industrial & Manufacturing
Companies need access to qualified light industrial workers who can fill shifts quickly and safely, and must engage with them how and where they want to work. To track worker data, certifications, and elevate the worker experience, workers need agency over their data and access to critical communications necessary to do their jobs.
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Life Sciences
The Life Sciences industry continues to see an increased need for agility, speed to market, and efficiencies at scale. This can only happen with access to multiple avenues of highly-skilled talent, flexibility in how that talent is engaged and managed, and a focus on compliance.
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Staffing & Recruiting
In Professional and Business Services, your people are your supply chain. They require a system that can facilitate time and expense entries, track rate, skills, and engagement history. We’re doing that with Utmost PayBill.
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Contingent Workforce Program Owner
Contingent workforce program owners need a solution that can engage, manage, and report on critical worker data for non-employees. This means skills, cost, location, and spend. They also need a system that can scale quickly to meet the demands of their program and business initiatives. Without it, they are unable to help leaders make strategic business decisions when it comes to their total workforce.
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Talent Acquisition
In today’s job market, any form of workforce planning or HR strategy that does not consider its non-employee workforce is risky at best. Talent acquisition must pay attention to the skills, spend, and location of these workers. Effective workforce planning takes the entire workforce into consideration, and this can only be accomplished with visibility into this critical talent source.
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The past two years brought about massive disruptions causing CPOs to concentrate on managing risk, future-proofing their supply chain, and maintaining business continuity. The need for data-driven decision-making, visibility, and analytics is imperative, and nowhere is this more important than in their labor.
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Information Technology
IT leaders are typically responsible for the largest cohort of external workers in an organization. Lack of worker data means that strategic workforce planning for this or any other external worker population is impossible. As the reliance on non-employee labor continues, IT leaders need one single system to see data on workers, spend, cost, and skills.
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