A deeply configurable extended workforce system that integrates with existing enterprise technologies

From workflow creation to our flexible configurations, Utmost delivers customers the most innovative technology to engage with external workers

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Design complex business processes with Utmost Flow

Go beyond limited checklists for key business processes such as onboarding and offboarding. Create business processes that allow collaboration between departments with automatic role-based task delegation. Include complex condition logic along with parallel execution of to make processes more efficient.

Built-in-Catalog of Process Steps: including events,decision gateways, notifications, business rules, manual and automated taskscovering typical process needs.

Visual Flow Editor: Use a visual editor to create new business processes without requiring any coding knowledge.

Custom Objects: Custom objects can be fully integrated into Utmost Flow.

Connect Utmost with your existing applications for learning, identity management, provisioning, and more

Utmost Connect enables businesses to easily import and export data to and from the Utmost platform to facilitate seamless application integration and reporting.

Enrichment: Feed in data from other systems such as identity or badging to extend worker profiles. Or enrich projects, suppliers, or any other field with additional data from external applications.

Orchestration: Create business processes that trigger requests in other systems. For example, onboarding could trigger a notification for a learning management system to create an account for a new external worker.

All Aspects of Integration: Provides capabilities for transports (REST, GraphQL, SFTP, Email, SMS), Access Control, Mediation& Orchestration, Enrichment (e.g. Geocoding), Staging and Business Rules.

Enable total workforce management with an unparalleled level of integration with Workday

Increase your ROI from Workday by extending existing business processes and reference data to organize and engage your external workforce.

Inbound Workday Integration: Use Workday reference data such as supervisory orgs, cost centers, job profiles, etc. within Utmost’s forms, profiles, and processes.

Outbound Workday Integration: Automatically sync workers created in Utmost to be pushed into Workday, and trigger relevant business processes.

Support for Workday Studio and Prism Analytics: Modify integrations with Workday Studio or report on the total workforce with Prism Analytics.

Collaborate with workers, vendors, and MSPs with one, global instance of Utmost

Enterprise, suppliers and workers will have just one instance of Utmost worldwide. Unlike legacy vendor management systems that force enterprises to deploy ‘regional VMS’ or make suppliers create a separate account per client, Utmost gives each party one identity and profile worldwide.

Collaborative Workflows : Create business processes that assign tasks such as requisitions to suppliers or Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Trigger workflows for the enterprise once the third-party completes their task.

Global Database: Maintain just one profile of a supplier or a worker globally. Speed up onboarding with workers carrying over basic information from client to client.

Supplier Participation: Allow suppliers to manage their talent bench of candidates from client to client giving them quick access to redeploy workers.

Worker Participation: Give workers control over their work profile and assign them workflows required to participate in upcoming engagements.

See How Utmost Supports The External Worker Lifecycle

Get real-time dashboards and reports on your non-employee headcount, worker classification, and skills.

Simplify the hiring manager experience with a consistent external worker request process.

Automate timesheets, bills, payments, and invoices from Utmost. View your total non-employee spend by supplier or department.

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